Turning 16

I don't really remember being 16.  


I know it was the worst birthday of my life, as no one remembered.  I remember living in Newfoundland Canada, and being miserable.  After I moved back to Ontario I don't really remember it.  Now I look back and it seems like eons ago.  And it was only almost 16 years ago.  


Today my nephew turned 16.  he is my oldest nephew.  Where the heck does time go?!!?  He had a horrible birthday as well so my SIL decided to throw him a semi-suprise party so I spent the day there helping blow up balloons and making other things easier on her.  He came home in a bad mood apparently woke up in a bad mood.  Poor guy.  But I knew the feeling.  My sister in law of course was emotional her baby boy was growing up.  So it made me think will I be like that when my child turns 16?


Peter and I have been looking at baby names during his ride on the train and when I get a moment to sit down from cleaning and sorting through donations.  It has seriously been amazing the amount of things people are donating.  I will be going to my moms on Sunday to go through her stuff and my cousin has a friend who is going to donate as well.  I am hoping for a very successful sale!  And it looks like it is definitely going to be!  


I am blessed for the people I have in my life.  That is for sure.  Nothing really much to report today.  Baby names and still no word from CAS.  


Hopefully I have more to write tomorrow.


Till then!


xox    Kate    xox

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