Too long in between posts!

I will admit, my goal has definitely not been reached on keeping up with this blog.  But to be honest there isn't anything happening really on the adoption front that would cause me to write.


But just so everyone knows (not that I have a ton of readers *laughs*)  I am still here and still alive!


Yesterday was a good day for the most part of it.  As most people know when it comes to adoption you have to go through a physical.   My doctor wanted to be proactive and get them started first, because most things that get tested won't change that drastically within a period of 2 months.  If anything else on the papers needs to be done we can do it then but we have the basics done.  And the good news?  I have a 100% clean bill of health.  Other than of course having PCOS, and a sciatic nerve that decides to flare up once in awhile.  I am good to go!  Peter has his physical on Thursday and I know he will get the same results.  I have also the great news that I have dropped 30 pounds!  Even more of a battle that I have won.  I do have to go to the doctor on Thursday myself but a different doctor.


I have been battling ear problems for the last couple of years and now going to an ENT specialist to make sure that it gets taken care of.  I know that it won't affect my adoption process because it isn't something that would stop me from giving all my love and affection to a child, and it won't in any way change the quality of their life in my home.   It is a nuisance for me yes, having a constant ringing in my ear and feeling like it is full and sometimes I can't hear....pain in the butt yes, adoption chainging?  NO!


So I have been thinking about different options for my next fundraiser and put one out there for people on my facebook list.  I know that I always see every year that people complain about having to wrap so many gifts.  Well I might as well interject my expertise in this matter right?  I love wrapping gifts and I am really good at it, so why not take away peoples frustration and let me do it for a low price?  Well prices I haven't really thought about it yet if I should do it per gift or per load, or depending on size.....I mainly wanted to see who would be interested if I go forth with this one then I will figure out pricing.  I know it won't be expensive because no one wants to be ripped off during the holiday season either.  Nor is it my intentions to rip anyone off.  A few bucks for me less hassle for others, hey it seems like a good match.


I am also thinking about making my famous double chocolate peanut butter cookies and selling them by the dozen.  Again not for too much because I don't want to seem like a scooge lol but I have to do those at a decent price because A- they are wayyyy too yummy and B- they are expensive to make.  And as I am writing this a friend on facebook just gave me another genius idea!  New Years eve babysitting!!!!  I am good with kids, I don't drink and don't go out to party so heck why not!  Let people go out and have their fun while getting some time with some kids to get some practice in too!  That was pure genius!

Of course that one I have to pass by Peter lol.  I have the spare room too, so that if people need to they can leave their children, the room hasn't been decorated just yet so it isn't like the room is off limits, just to my cats right now lol.  


So much is going through my mind right now that I would love to do, but I also know that it is the Christmas season and people may not be willing to put out that kind of money, so I know not to get my hopes up right now.  I just want to do everything I can to be able to amp up that account past doing Swagbucks and InstaGC.   So if anyone has any suggestions PLEASE leave a comment let me know your thoughts and any ideas you might have!


Not much to say right now!


Till the next time


xox   Kate   xox


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  1. tyronebobbyjoehill

    I’ve also had some ear problems lately. I’ve been considering seeing an ENT specialist for a while now, because I feel like it’s altering my life too much. Like you, it doesn’t affect how I treat my family, or live my life in general. However, it’s something I definitely need to get taken care of. It’s enough to distract me from my daily life. Hopefully I can find a good specialist. Thanks for the post!

    September 16, 2014