Tick Tock Tick Tock.....

The waiting game continues!  Have had contact with CCAS regarding the kin care case, e-mail has been sent and looks like our first meeting will be sometime next week.  Still waiting to hear back with a definite time.  


CAS - WHERE ARE YOU?!?!?!  Why haven't you called me?  Why haven't you emailed me?  Have you forgotten about me?  Ok, yes little miss drama queen has come out in me just a tiny bit.  I hate drama, as anyone who knows me knows that fully about me.  But I don't think I am asking too much for just some kind of contact!  *puts out lower lip* ok finnnneeeeee I will wait!!!!!


Now that the whining is out of my system - I have been cleaning since I found out that the first meeting is near.  I want to have a nice clean house, and still of course sorting through to find out if there is more stuff to be added to my spring garage sale.  I have found some stuff, but not a lot.  Just a lot of tidying up.  More to keep me busy than really cleaning.  I need to keep my mind off of wanting to check my phone every 2 minutes and email every 30 seconds.  


I also came across 2 gift cards that I was going to auction.  One is a high priced one that I thought people would love to auction on it to earn some more funds for the adoption, but doesn't look too good.  The other one is a $25 that no one showed any interest in.  All my ideas are bombing.  So seriously anyone who reads this blog *knocks* are you out there????   Please share any ideas you have that have brought you in funds with out the factor of simply asking people to give you money.  From earlier blogs you have seen I am not comfortable with that. 


Working for it, I am willing to do.  Garage sales and bake sales are hard work, and selling stuff I own I am still putting my time and effort into it, so it is not coming across as begging.  I am willing to put work and everything I can into it so it is more donation for a reason then just handing out money.  I guess I could always sit on a street corner and pan handle - *laughs* I don't think so.  


Well there is nothing really else to report there is some weird snow thunderstorms happening tonight, flood warnings in our area and mother nature needs to lay off the sauce.  She is too screwed up and I think someone else needs to take over!


Oh and Of course today Canadian girls took 4 consecutive gold medals in the Olympics.  We got gold today in Overtime.  What an amazing game!


Alright thats it!


Till next time


xox    Kate   xox

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