The Busy life has begun!

Ok so a little peeved that my last post from before I left for Florida didn't show up.  It had the picture of the letter of invitation we had received from our local CAS.


So that whole post never came to light, and that makes me a little bit angry.  But at this point I don't have room for being angry.  I have become so busy it is nuts!


So we did go to Florida to see my best friend her husband and kids for our last relaxation and rejuvenation that we felt was necessary before coming home to start the long process of adoption.  We enjoyed ourselves, but it honestly felt as though the trip went by way too quick.  It was cold, (not as cold as it was up here!)  but it just flew.  It wasn't the warm trip I expected to come back with a glowing tan feeling light and airy. 


So anyway......back on to topic here.  January 15th was our adoption meeting to find out more about the process and asked if we wished to proceed.  The meeting was very informative and the part that I liked the best was their percentage of success.  In 20 years they have had the success rate of 98.3%.


So now after listening to everything they said we were told to pick up a registration form at the end of the meeting and that we had 6 months to fill it out, if we didn't send it back within that timeframe we would be looked at as though we were no longer interested.  Well anyone that knows me knows I have made sure to get my butt on to it as soon as possible.  I can't let this fall by the way side, and I can't wait 6 months to be assigned to a social worker to come to my house to find out if we should be invited into the PRIDE training program.  My goal is tomorrow.  Hence why I haven't written in here since the process has began. 


We started the form a few days ago and actually had a long discussion on some of the questions that were put in front of us to make us think long and hard about ourselves and our limitations going through bringing a child in our house.  We talked for as long as it took to make sure that we knew what we wanted and were prepared to deal with.  Now comes the hard part of the form.  The Letter....


I am actually in the process of writing it right now while coming back and forth between the blog.  


Lots going on, more books being read on top of what I have already read...more questionaires being answered and figuring things out for ourselves, making sure we get ready for the Social worker to come into our home and question our motives.  


It has begun!  I am trying with every part of my being to keep on top of it all, trying to maintain my stress levels and just keep pushing forward.  We know this could take a year or 2 and that is fine with us because at the end of it all we know that having a child in our house would mean the world to us.


Back to the letter and finishing the registration form!


xox   Kate   xox

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