Something to report!

So for those of you who have been following along with our journey you would know that we are looking in to being a kin family for my cousins' baby.  


Well tonight we had our first meeting with the kin care social worker.  Today I was so nervous cleaning every little nook and crany I could see.  I didn't know what to do with myself.  Well I guess I over worked myself for nothing.  The social worker was so very nice and made us feel so at ease and comfortable.  


We talked for quite a bit about the process and what is coming up next and we got approved to go to the next step which was great.  So now we are going to start the full home study and then get enrolled into the PRIDE courses.  So it has begun!  The best thing about this is, that while going through this to become a foster kin care it is the same track as adoption will be going on so I will end up a step ahead in the process.  So even if the baby goes home right away my adoption will be that much closer because my training will be done.  If the baby stays then I just end up with more practice with children and still have the training done.  So it is a great thing happening right now!


So my next meeting is in 2 weeks where by then I have to have my paper work filled out and the invasive stuff begins.  So far the experience has been great because I was blessed to have a great social worker.  


But something happened at the right moment.  So I feel like it was a higher sign that we are going in the right direction.

The social worker was here and in the middle of the meeting we were talking about the room being set up and he was so impressed with us and BAM the doorbell rings. The guy delivering my amazon order was here with the decals and duct tape so we could show him what we were decorating with. He said "If I didn't see the shocked looks on your face that someone was at the door, I would swear you set that up!"


so we are now looking forward to what is going to come next.  It is all a learning process and it is going to become a very busy time in our life, but I am happy right now.  Tonight went off without a hitch.  Lets just hope the rest goes as smooth.


Well it is time for me to hit the hay, the stress has come off my shoulders and made me a very sleepy girl!


Till next time,


xox   Kate   xox

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