Money Makes the world go round.

Money, Money, Money.....


Money Makes the world go round, it makes everything so much better.  Money can buy you happiness.


I always believed that those statments were pure pish posh...I am now learning that those statments are beyond true.


I haven't been employed for a couple of years now.  I seem to have the horrible luck when it comes to the boss situations.  I won't go into here because no one really wants to read my woes from the workplace.  If I do have readers you are here to read about my views and journey into the world of Adoption.  And I have had a comment and a like so thank you so much for letting me know that someone out there is reading, at least till the blog goes fully public that is. 


But back to money.  I always believed that my husband and I were doing fine on the one income that he supplements right now.  He brings home the bacon and I cook it.  Now looking at the financial strain of adoption, I only have a few choices left.  I do an online site called Swagbucks some of you may heard of it, and as of right now I am doing well on it.  Enough to cover christmas costs for my extended family (as no little bambinos of my own to buy for right now) But covering Christmas and paying adoption fees are on two different levels that is for sure! 


Ok so I know people have different stand points on the costs of adoption.  Some people are completely outraged that adoption agencies will charge upwards of $20,000 for simply allowing people to do what comes natural as human beings.  We are born to reproduce why should we be taking on so much to adopt?  There are parenting classes, application fees, and then of course court and agency fees.  Others like myself understand that there has to be fees.  Yes it needs to be 100% legal and when you stop and think about it people are providing a service that if you want to partake in it, you have to pay.  Would you go to a restaurant and because you can cook at home for free expect to not pay because someone else is doing it for you?


So now with the understanding and agreeance that in order to go through with adoption I am still stuck with the same fear that most people have when going into adoption.  How on earth am I going to afford this?  My house always has food, and we always pay our bills on time, the mortgage is always covered.  In other words a child would have every security needed to grow up in a safe and happy home.  They would be well taken care of even with one income I know how to pinch pennies.  But the automatic fear is set in, how am I going to come up with $20,000????


Simply around the house right now I am cutting back on things.  Making sure food is used up before going grocery shopping again, making sure chores that use a lot of power or anything like that gets done on the lower peak hours.  No more eating out for us.  Well of course unless family members want to have us over for supper :)  Have also been thinking about having another garage sale to put the money solely in a jar for adoption fees.  I don't know how my family will react just yet so I have to put off asking them to donate their unwanted items to support my garage sale. 


I have read other blogs and articles on how people have handed out baby bottles and asked family members and co workers and friends to put their spare change in it and return the bottles when they were full.  There were also online auctions they have held with the specific target of all costs going to their adoption costs.  A lot of these that I have read were extremely successful.  But honestly I don't know how I would feel about asking people to help shell out their hard earned money.  I think a Garage sale for right now is a wonderful idea, pair it with a bake sale and letting people know what it is for so they feel a little bit more inclined to purchase even a $0.50 item.  I think people want to have garage sales to get rid of their junk but always push the idea aside, so maybe I am giving people a reason to clean out their unwanted stuff that they wouldn't use again anyway.


I know that it is a lot of money that I have to earn and save up and shell out all at the same time, and I honestly don't know how I can do it without getting a job.  But right now I am sitting on the fence because it may push back any adoption that I might want to do.  I feel strongly about being home for at least the first year I have a child in our home.  It is going to be hard enough on them to be removed from everything they know to not see their biological parents on a regular basis and get used to living in a different type of environment.  to just up and say oh welcome to my house I have to go back to work here's a babysitter to me just seems unsettling.


Now I am willing to go back to work once the child is settled and feeling more easy about their new home and adjusted properly.  Then I know I will be able to go back to work feeling more at ease knowing I did what I possibly could for my child.  Now some people reading this might disagree with me, and think it is normal to work, and bring home a scared little child. 


So for now it is cutting back on entertainment, eating out and saving every penny I can.  We all have those costs in our life that once we know we can cover them in the end it is all worth it.  I will find the way to cover it, I know I will.  Baby steps.  One step at a time. 


so now I want to know those who have actually read anything I have wrote in the last few days....what do you think about people holding fundraisers and asking friends and family to help?  Is it a no no or do you think it is a good thing?  I would love to hear what you think!


Till tomorrow,

xox  Kate xox




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