I will count this one as practice....

So after waiting weeks, I got the phone call.  Well not THE phone call, but one I have been waiting for.  I will just count this one as practice.


It was a message, it always happens I go to the washroom and bam!  A phone call comes in.    So I checked the message right away and figured something was up when I heard (yes my phone talks) CALL FROM PRIVATE CALLER - I tried to pee faster, but that doesn't work when you want it too....I knew the only calls I got from private caller were the CCAS and CAS.  I missed it.  So I listened to the message and sure enough my Social worker for Kin care called.


He said he wanted to set up a home study for the care of my little cousin, who is now almost 3 months old.  He will come to stay with us while his parents are fighting to regain custody of him.  That is why I call it practice.  I am more than happy to help my family out in this so that they can do what they need to, and know at the same time their son is safe with family, but at the same time it will be nice that even if only for a small amount of time I will get to see what it is like to raise a child first hand for 24/7 instead of sleep overs with my niece and nephews.  I know I have no say in what happens and I am not a guardin per say, but it will give me the tools I need to be able to do it for my own child when the time calls that I finally get the call from CAS.  


It will be good for us to be able to know what it is like to be woken at all times of the night and learning to adapt with a whole new schedule of sleeping.  Practicing to know the needs it takes to have a healthy happy child in our home.  Feedings, and the change it will bring to our lives.  So needless to say I am quite excited for this.  I get a chance to help and a bit extra for us.  


Now don't get me wrong here either - I would love more than nothing to see him go back home to his parents where every child deserves and belongs to be, but if in the interim he can't be there just yet I would love to have him in our house.  he is such a good baby, well I am sure my attitude might change with sleep deprevation and stress, but from our last visit from what I could see he is very mild mannered and a sweet little thing, lets hope that transfers :)


I also like the fact that as he gets older we will always have that small bond between us.  He will know that he is loved by his family all around that they were able to help out so that when he goes back to his parents home he will be that special member to us and will watch him grow and learn with a whole new aspect to it.  It will be a whole new view into seeing a child who isn't mine be able to grow.  Then as well if I get a child when I adopt who might be around his age he will have a built in playmate because when he leaves my house I know I will want to see him a lot!


So even though this one isn't permanent it will be great to finally have a child in my house even if after some time I have to say goodbye, I know it won't be bye forever.  I am glad my family has put their trust in me to take care of their child so they can become better parents.  It makes me feel honoured that I can be worthy of their trust with the most important thing they have.


Now if only CAS would call!!!!


Till next time


xox   Kate   xox

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