How to choose?

So I had this dream last night. 


I dreamt of my child.  I didn't get to see a distinct face or anything like that but I could tell for sure it was a boy, now does this stem off of my one entry where I said I didn't have anything in common with the "girly girl" or was there something to this dream?  I guess only time will tell.  It was a little boy and all I could tell was he was about toddler age between 2-3.  He had brown hair but that is all I could tell.  Then I woke up.  *snaps fingers* DARN it.  I wish I could have had more insight to even see if when it all happens if my dreams had any validity.


But the other thing that has been on my mind:  We need 5 references. They need to be a mix of for both of us and just for each of us singly.  So my question is How do you choose without hurting someones feelings?  


Everyone has been so great to us, and so supportive how do you only choose 2 people and 1 for both, if that is how it goes, I mean I should wait to find out exactly how they are doled out but the question still weighs heavy on my mind.  I know that it is best to have people who are parents, who have seen you interact with their children, people who are close who only want the best for you and would write something really good so that you come across that you would be a good parent.


So How is it that I choose??????

I really don't want to hurt anyones feelings, I don't want anyone to think any less of me.  They only want so many so I only want to follow the rules and not ask everyone I know.  I love the fact that everyone would jump at the chance if I asked them.  But again yes I know redundant.....who?


Peter got a congrats email from a friend (remember I use no names other than ours) and he offered straight up to give him a character reference.  No one has yet to come forward and straight out offer, but my guess is that is just solely based on the fact that people may not realize that I need them.  


I have a friend (or I guess I should say friends) have adopted from CAS as well and they are willing to answer questions for me.  Well really I only asked if she would answer because I figure most of the questions I would have to ask would either be ones that come from the mother's side or that of the paperwork, and lets face it men really don't care about logistics.  So maybe I will have to ask her to see how she decided to pick people.


Well I am pretty tired tonight, allergies are bothering me causing lots of pressure.  So time to end this.


Till tomorrow

xox   Kate   xox

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