Has Anyone missed me?

I have been missing for quite awhile now.  So much for sticking to my goal of writing every day.  That certainly didn't last!


I have been so busy organizing and putting together the garage sale that I haven't had a minute to breathe let alone sit down and write.  I also had the goal to make sure I hit my Swagbucks goal every day, that didn't last either.  But the garage sale is over, and now thinking of doing another one so whatever didn't sell might go if we change the venue. 


So here is what has been missed since I last wrote. A baby was born! My cousin and his girlfriend brought a beautiful baby girl into our family! And of course the  Garage Sale, and yup that is about it.  So I might as well talk about that.  


Saturday September 21st.....yikes what a day!!!!  The friday I went over to my moms to drop off the rest of the stuff to make sure it was there in the morning.  I went home and tried to sleep but knowing that the rain was impending doom upon my big day I began to worry.  I knew there was nothing I could do about it but just knowing how long it would take to set up and do everything to get it going I stressed out.  I had worked so hard on this and it was about to take the turn I didn't want it to take, I prayed I hoped I wished.  Nothing worked.  I woke up bright and early Saturday morning all groggy but with determination sat up in my bed, only to hear the pitter patter of rain hitting my roof above me.  I tried to stay positive that maybe there would be a break in the weather before I left the house.  NOPE.  We got in the car with the rest of the stuff soaked but still eager to see if Mother Nature would give us some hope.  We got to the highway realized I forgot something turned around and oh my gosh!!!! IT STOPPED!!!!!  False sense of hope to be entered here.  We drove excitedly to my moms only to find that it might have stopped where we were only to be coming down in buckets where my mom was. 


We went into her house, and sat there waiting and waiting.  My sister in law was already there cutting up and making sure the baked goods were ready to go.  My mom was helping her.  I sat at the table staring out the window silently pleading with Mother Nature to let me have this, I wanted it so badly that I could taste it.  Before I knew it defeat washed over me and tears started streaming down my face.  Now for me this is a big deal.  I am not a crier.  Not at all.  My mother and my husband tried with all their might to take my pain away from me.  They hugged me and gave me words of assurance to let me know that there was nothing I could do and I didn't cause the rain and to not take it so personally.  But how couldn't I?  I had to stop my thoughts from racing quickly to the worst point.  Maybe I am not supposed to be a mom, maybe I should take this as an omen.  NO NO NO NO!!!!!  Wrong way to think.  I snapped myself out of the funk and stopped my brain from working in overtime.  It wasn't my fault, it was a hurricane hitting down south that made the rain come up to us.  Me being a mother had nothing to do with the weather.  Just another lesson that needs to be quickly learned that with a child in the house you can't always control the situation, whether it be good or bad......stuff happens and you just have to deal with it.  As it comes we need to adapt, remembering this I put myself in the frame of mind that tomorrow is another day and I just need to work that much harder to my goal.  I would succeed!


My mom put together a fantastic breakfast, and I took the opportunity to go into the basement and sort the rest of the items so that when they went out the next morning they would be like items.  Less clutter sells.  I come upstairs to heat up some coffee, since I was running on lack of sleep and needed all the mojo I could get.  Only to find that my mother was making sales over the phone for the baked goods!  Genius!  Why couldn't I think of that?  She called around to friends and family and before I knew it rain or not money was coming in!  Mother nature couldn't stop the determined people in my family who really wanted to see this happen for me.  Those who came to the house also went through the items in the basement and made me a few more dollars through sales that way as well.  I was thrilled, flabergasted and a smile slowly started creeping up on my face.  Where there is a will there is a way, it just took someone to find it.


So needless to say not one item left the house on Saturday, it rained HARD all day.  Peter took me on a drive to try and calm my nerves after of course I went to the baby shower.  I don't do overly well in a crowd of people but I know I need to work on my social skills so I gave it a try.  I did end up spending a lot of time with my other cousin in the kitchen.  She has the same problem I do.  Too many people and we panic, especially with ones we don't know very well.  I survivied it though.  So after the drive we came home to try and relax before getting up early Sunday morning and starting it all again.  I ended up going to bed at about 8pm, and while not sleeping all the way through and waking up at different points I slept till 6am. 


I woke up Sunday to clear skies, and not even a scare for rain.  I said loud and confidently TODAY WILL BE A GOOD DAY!  I know it I feel it, I believe it!  And YES!  It was a complete success.  Friends, family and even complete strangers pulled togheter and came and bought something whether it be from the bake sale to the little treasures out on the tables.  We had to have so many tables out and stuff ended up on the porch and the ground because of all the generous donations that came in.  It was amazing.  I was fully rested, good spirits and ready to earn that money for my account for my child.  We had people come out from all over to support us.  Out in the Niagara Region as far out as Barrie to come and make sure we had a good day.  It was amazing.  When it was over I counted how much we did, and was shocked at the geneoristy of people.  I know I shouldn't have been since I had been drowning in people's kindness from the day I started asking for help, but lets just say I did a happy dance.  I won't post the total, because that doesn't need to be public knowledge, but I will tell you it was above any goal I had set.


So now the account has been set up.  We can transfer in but not transfer out, there is no link to debit cards and the money has to be dealt with in person only.  Therefore it can't be touched until it is absolutely needed.  But it has begun!  The account when the money is placed in there is going to shout out SUCCESS!  Success for our child who isn't ours yet, success that when we put our hard work in motion it paid off.  I feel great!  I feel blessed!  I feel that there is still more that I could do.


So now thinking where can I go from this?  Gift wrapping fundraiser for Christmas?  Selling baked goods?  Setting up a table at school functions?  I am raring and ready to go.  I feel like I can do anything!  The world is on my side and I am one step closer to getting into that Information session and proving I am the right fit to be a mother.  


Now to just wait till January 15th to hurry up!


I usually sign off till tomorrow, 

But I will just say till I ramble on again :)


xox   Kate   xox

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