Garage sale is a go!

So now it is public information that Peter and I plan to adopt.  Wooooooo talk about a huge load off the shoulders, we haven't received one negative comment at all, and I guess those who have them are being good enough to keep their mouths shut.  And I thank you for that if you ever read this blog.


And a HUGE thank you to everyone for their kind words, and the confidence you have helped install in us building us up with your thoughts on us being good parents.  It has kept a smile on my face that my friends and family are on our side and rooting us on.


So we decided that the garage sale was a good idea, and invited our friends and family to donate any items that they could to the garage sale for us to raise funds.  We have decided to start of with CAS, and that is mainly free other then a few small costs on us, but our intake worker also told us that we might want to go through private for our homestudy and if it turns out we are better suited for a baby under the age of 6 months we will then want to pursue private as well.  So I would like to be well prepared just incase the instance comes up that Private is the way to go.


People have so far been very kind and saying they will look through their stuff to help.  Some people I know only by chatting online and some of my moms friends have already said they will defintiely help.  I am so overwhelmed by the outcome so far.  I hope my family (other than my mom and gma) are willing to help as well, but if not I do understand even their kind words are more than enough to keep my spirits up and making this journey an enjoyable one so far.


I know I have to wait till next week to find out about the information session, and patience is a must but I have to admit I am always on my set waiting for that information just to appear so I can get on it and know that it is fully starting.


Telling friends and family was a good step but I need it to start with CAS so that I can go through parenting classes and find the child out there that is meant to be with us.  I want to meet this child more than anything but I know it still could take quite a bit.  I am excited that is all.


I can't remember the last time I was actually so genuinely happy.  Don't get me wrong I love my life with Peter, but this is truely making me smile everytime I think about it.  I know it is the right step to take and I know this is what is supposed to happen in my life and I feel completely settled with our decision.


Till Tomorrow

xox   Kate  xox

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