First Steps have been taken!

So today Peter decided to work from home, he slept in and missed his alarm and he luckily has a job that every once in awhile working from home is not a problem.  Fate has intervened yet again!


He was meant to stay home today, a complete sign!  We decided today was the day to call the Children's Aid Society to find out what we needed to start our adoption journey!  AS luck would have it the Adoption intake workers are only available on Tuesdays and Fridays.  So if we would have called tomorrow we would have had to leave a message and wait till Friday to hopefully get a response. And I thought waiting the 2 hours between leaving the message and speaking to a worker was hard on the nerves lol!


So we spoke to her and we found out a lot of information, some we knew and some that was new.  And the good news, is with every piece of information I was hearing just listening to the phone call I was getting more and more excited.  We have to wait till next week to hopefully find out when their next adoption information session is going to happen.  They are hoping to have it posted then we call back in to make sure that we get an invite to the session night to be able to learn more and get the forms we would need to get filled in by different professionals such as a police check and a medical check done.  


So we took our first step!  Now to wait patiently, ok I will admit a little bit of impatience is most likely to manufacture itself.  So that we can officially get the invitation and really start the ball rolling!  We were so excited when we got off the phone a big hug and high fives ensued!  


It is also comforting to know that with the phone call neither one of us got nervous, or felt the need to back away.  We got more excited!  That has to be a good sign in itself.  Baby steps.....that is all we can take and we took the first one, and even though it is a baby step it felt like a giant leap for me.  A leap that when I landed I felt victorious.  


I know we are in for a long road but like Peter said to me after the phone call, we need to celebrate all the little victories that bring us to the biggest victory of all.  Our goal of having a happy family, and having it completed with our child who is out there.  


Not much more to write today, just happy the process has begun and there is no where to go now but more information, learning and education.  Exciting days are in the future for us, and I couldn't be happier!


Till tomorrow


xox   Kate   xox

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