A Revelation!

So this weekend was supposed to be a technology free weekend for my husband and I to spend some quality time together and just relax for our Anniversary weekend.  October 1 - we have been married for 8 years.  And here I am on Sunday night posting.  Bad girl!  I know!  Whatever can be done with me ;)


Well I broke my rule for a reason.  See a funny thing happens when technology no longer comes into play.  You go into the stone age era where communication is actually talking, no texting no talking on the phone or dazed and confused staring at a TV screen.  We talked, and a lot.  Well we also played a lot of Kanasta.  But during those games we chatted a lot and we of course discussed Adoption.  That seems a lot of our conversations turn into that lately....I wonder why?


So what brought this on today, is yesterday was my Grandpa's birthday.  I had to go out and buy him a gift for his birthday party.  His party was last night.  So we went out and I saw a Toys R Us.   Ok I am guilty....but like any mother waiting for the arrival of her child, I had to go in and take a peak.  There were amazing cribs that I was enamoured with.  Fun toys and it kept the discussion going on the educational books and what we would do with our child for fun.  We really enjoyed ourselves until we had to snap back to reality of why we were at the mall.  We bought a beautiful hardcover collectors Beatle's book and were happy and walked out of the mall hand in hand.  The fun of looking at children's stuff still fresh in our minds all we could do was smile.  


So we talked about cribs, now I have mentioned many times before that I do indeed do an online site called Swagbucks.  I have recently now started another one called InstaGC.  Well I joined a long time ago and couldn't get the hang of it but then joined a group where they helped me out.  On InstaGC I have been saving for Toys R US gift cards, and on Swagbucks I mainly went to PayPal to save up for adoption costs.  Well looking through amazon though I found this AMAZING crib.  It is a 4 in 1 crib.  It goes through all stages from an infant to baby to toddler to full sized bed.  I was so shocked, this stuff definitely wasn't around while I was growing up!  It is one bed that they will need till they are basically an older child! The price tag on it?  One I liked was $217 and the other one I liked was $231.  I can make that up in AGC's (sorry Amazon Gift Cards) by the time I need it.  It was so cool.  So I put both in my cart cause I couldn't choose (and don't have to just yet) so as long as they were both there I knew which ones I was deciding between.  So I laughed and said oh maybe I will get both.  I did have a dream last night that we ended up with twins.


Hence the Revelation!  It opened the conversation on if we would take in siblings if that is what we were chosen for.  I couldn't believe that we were both on the same page.  We decided if we got siblings between the ages of 1-3 we would definitely take them in and not turn them down because the challenge of two at the same time would be too much.  Nope we both said we were so excited that the prospect of having our full family in one shot would not be too challenging for us.  It would be a good challenge.  Having more of an open profile just might help us fast track since siblings are harder to place.  Well from what I have read.


So here is my advice, not as a mother, not as a person going through the adoption process but as a person.  Take time to talk.  Turn off all those pesky devices that can distract you from the relationships you have and actually take the time to talk.  You will be shocked what you can actually find out about that person.  What things you share, and what you actually have in common.  It might take you by surprise what you can find out.  Things have a funny way of coming out.  And now we know we are more on the same page, and we are even more gung-ho about adopting then when we first decided to.  


Till the next time!


xox   Kate   xox


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