A lot longer than we thought

So I decided today was the day to go through all the donations, weed out the bad and un-sellable and start to seperate them put them in boxes to keep them neater and price them.  I don't do things like regular people.  For me this includes writing every single item down, and keeping track of the price that I put on it.  I will have extra tags just incase and I don't want to be put on the spot if a tag falls off, atleast this way I have what I wanted the price to be. 


Ok so enough about my oddities, I could be here forever on that topic *laughs*


So I remembered I needed to check the CAS website.  I did and VOILA!  The date was posted.  What should have been a happy moment knowing that things were going to start progressing quickly became a jaw dropper followed by a WTH!  The date that CAS has chosen is January 15, 2014.  Yes you read that correctly, believe me I had to look at the date 4 times before it finally computed that I was in fact looking at it right.  So I now have to wait 4 months and 10 days.  FOUR MONTHS!!!!  And that is just to get information, that is nothing of massive importance other then it means we have begun.  Oh my lord, how am I going to make it 4 months just for the first step?  Apparently I had too high expectations thinking it was going to be sometime this year.  Atleast in Novemeber.  *sigh*


So now to wait 4 long months to start, I guess it just means I have more time to do fund rasiing and trying to accumulate any money for fees and anything that might occur.  My sister in law told me that a good thing to do is start decorating the room for the child and getting it set up.  Start by painting the room a neutral colour (right now it is purple) And start decorating it for a child, but without knowing keep it to a simple theme.  Get a dresser some unisex toys and books and make it look inviting for a child.  I can't get anything like a bed or crib because I don't know what age the child best suited for us is.  


It is a good idea it will keep me busy and can always be changed when the child develops their own tastes and personality when it comes to the room.  So for now I guess it is just more waiting and fundraising and trying to keep relaxed.  Thank god I have good people in my life right now to keep me sane.  I guess keep my mind on halloween and Christmas.  Work hard on Swagbucks to pump up my paypal and keep dreaming of having that child in my home.  That is all I can do right now.  There is nothing I can do to change the situation, or move it forward quicker.  I can't press fast forward like on click to get to where I want.  So patience, patience patience.  Easier said than done let me tell you!


So that is my news for the day.  The Garage sale is coming along quite nicely, and if all things get purchased we are looking at doing well.  A couple hundred atleast :) :) :)


We will be opening a bank account specifically designed for the purpose of adoption.  So any funds collected through fundraisers or just savings on a weekly basis will be put into that account.  No debit cards, no nothing toward it.  Just to be kept till the time arises and we have to go to the bank to take away from it.  That will be set up tomorrow night.  


I need to concentrate on the good and release all the negativity out of my mind.  It will all happen in good time and good things come to those who wait.


Till tomorrow


xox   Kate   xox

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  1. swagginsurebucks

    Sorry to hear the wait is that long to get started but glad that things are coming together for the garage sale.

    September 06, 2013
    1. scadopters

      It is definitely going to be hard to wait but I will make it through. My dining room table right now is FULL of boxes and bags to be sold. You should come to Hamilton on the 22nd

      September 06, 2013