A little over a month to go!

I knew I wouldn't be able to post a lot over the last little bit, because honestly not much to do with adoption has been happening in my life.  But now with only a little over a month to go before The adoption meeting with CAS, things are looking up!  It has been a long wait that is for sure waiting for January to come, but as luck would have it only 1 month and 6 days left!

 To be honest with you, it still feels like an eternity. But I am keeping myself busy with different things.  Of course my daily goals on my websites like Swagbucks and GiftHulk,which lately have been lacking for me, but I need to keep earning my paypal and Amazon cards. 


Getting closer to the crib,amping up my amazon account nicely.  It went down in price and I got so eager to purchase it that I almost did...but then remembered I shouldn't get ahead of myself.  It would be nice to have in my house, but I haven't even painted yet and I don't want to make such an elaborate purchase just in case....I really don't want to type out the words.  I know it will happen, but the problem is the age.  I would love to have baby of course - but if we get accepted for a toddler the crib might be something that might not be such a good idea, even though the concept is amazing I could spend the amazon gift cards on an actual toddler bed.


But we did go outon Black Friday, our first one ever.  We thought it was going to be a hard experience full of nut cases and craziness.  Now it was a bit more then we are used to.  The crowds were larger and there was some chaos, but for the most part of it the deals were completely worth it.  Got the majority of my Christmas done and lots of neat toys for a baby/toddler.  Lots of educational toys and even some amazing books.  Good for all ages.  And for amazing prices, I think I already said that part, but seriously especially for a Canadian....it was awesome!


Also had a set back on getting the minion decals we wanted from Sherwin Williams.  We were on the site and found what we wanted and thought we could go to the store when we were down there, but apparently that isn't how it worked.  We were supposed to call and have them ordered to pick up at the store, would have been super to know that before hand  So now we have to wait to get them till January. 


The one thing that I find myself continously wondering about is time line, I know it could take a long time but it would be nice to know exactly when the home study will be, when will the parenting classes be?  I am too much of an organizer and I must say this unknown is driving me mental!


I suppose I will find out more at the adoption meetitng, but I feel like I have been in the dark too long since we decided to go through this.  Patience is wearing thin just due to sheer excitement!


In the interim I have been going to doctors appointments for my ears.  Not really enjoying it too much they are doing tests to me that are making it worse and the dizziness is horrible.  I just hope they find answers soon.  I hate the ringing noise and having to ask people to repeat themselves. 


So I guess to fill up the last days before everything finally starts I will be gutting every room again making sure it is completely cleaned out with no clutter, cleaning down wall and windows and cupboards. 


Christmas this year between Peter and I will be non-existant.  We aren't celebrating as well because of all the toys and books we bought for any child that comes in our home.  That is what matters to us so forgoing it isn't really that big of a deal. 


I don't really like Christmas anyway.   Everything this year is ruined to begin with due to family drama, and certain people who make it seem as though all they want to do is ruin anything that could be possibly good in my life.  But I must admit the last 2 months without them in my life anymore have been very calming and relaxing. Sure they owe me a ton of money that I most likely will never see again (good to know people have their priorities straight) and it took me years to learn I was just a matt for them to walk all over and use.   But now things are on my terms and I perfer it this way. 


Well I think that is the best update I can give right now.


Till next time


xox   Kate   xox





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Comments (6)

  1. juliemumonwheels

    what a lovely blog ps look at waiting game as practice run for all the times your amazing child when it comes into your will make you wait many a time so right now your doing parent class number 1.oh and biting tongue and fighting to get a child will soon be fighting for your child so all of this is parent class one.
    i hope you keep us all up dated and cant wait to hear when the news comes
    have you thought about names ect as dream web always good way to go to stop buy to many things but have visual to keep your goal in sight good luck

    February 21, 2014
    1. scadopters

      Thanks for your comments Julie! We haven’t bought anything else just yet other than the decals and stuff to paint the room with. Black Friday was the last time we did any real shopping

      We have thought of names and we have a girl and boys name both chosen…..the waiting continues

      February 21, 2014
  2. alenamauer

    I don’t know many parents who would do parenting classes to get ready for their child. This is awesome that you guys would do that. It is exciting picking out names and what not. Good luck, I hope everything goes well.

    Alena | http://www.myobgyndoctor.com/services/pregnancy/prenatal-classes/

    April 17, 2014
  3. davis-partridge

    Yes Alena, I agree. I think it is excellent that a person would take the time to do parenting classes. Parenting is something that brings a ton of challenges and opportunities. Preparation is very smart.

    Davis Partridge | http://www.myobgyndoctor.com/services/pregnancy/prenatal-classes/

    August 04, 2014
  4. scadopters

    Thank you for reading

    December 09, 2013